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To continue, return across the gap and to the Void Orb on the upper level we ignored earlier and use the Flame Hollow to activate it. This will send a pair of large blocks away from this platform. Return to the larger area below and use the Flame Hollow on the Void Orb here to send the lower set of smooth stone blocks to the left to join up with the group we just sent over.

This creates a set of stairs we can use to reach the ledge above.

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From highest of these blocks, jump down into the hole in the wall where the top two had been resting prior to being activated to find a Demonic Artifact inside. To escape, use the Storm Hollow to glide back down to the platforms below. As you near the edge of this platform, a floating stone bridge will materialise below. Jump down to here and swing across the two grapple points to reach a platform in the distance. In this room there will be Large Golems and Golems at ground level and a further four Ranged Golems sitting on stone pillars around the room.

Grimmkin Novice

Keep your Flame Hollow active so that you can traverse the lava and work your way around the room, eliminating enemies as you go. Once it is clear, loot the area. From the top of the stairs continue to the left. Follow the path until you reach an open area above the bridge we created with the first Void Orb earlier. Use your Flame charge attack on the Void Orb on your platform.

This will create a bridge to the platform ahead, open a shortcut back to the start of the area and have a pair of stepping stone blocks appear on the right. Make your way to the far side of the room first to find a locked gate. Hop down to the platform on the left this leads as a shortcut back to the start of the area. Look below the platform with the locked gate to find a hole in it.

Hollow Knight [Grimm Troupe DLC] - A 100% Complete Guide!!!

Jump inside and pull the lever to open the gate. Climb back up to the platform above and head through the now open gate for a Sliver of Adamantine. Grab the Medium Lurcher Clump from the corpse ahead and continue onto the passage to the left. Edit Page.

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Note: There are four wings, or areas to the Void zone. The first area is the Flame Wing as indicated by the floating torches with orange symbols and flames.

Note: Storm Hollow Loot From this location, you should be able to see another item on a platform in the distance. Approach the ledge closest to the item and look down to find another, smaller platform below you. Jump down to this. Use a Flame attack on the Void Orb here to raise a block nearby.